Sawston Microsuction Service

The term microsuction is used to describe a procedure carried out by our Specialist Nurses to remove wax, dead skin, foreign objects and even infection, from your ears. We use a specialist microscope to look in your ears and a very small suction tube to “hoover” out the debris.

This is a new service offered at the medical centre for patients who are unable to have their ears irrigated in the normal way. This may be because you have a narrow ear canal, a mastoid cavity, a foreign body in the ear. To access this service you will require a referral from your GP and if you are having regular microsuction and Addenbrookes or another clinic and would prefer to attend the Sawston clinic please ask your GP to referrer you.

If you would like to know more please read our Patient leaflet

This service is available on choose and book and a pro-forma is downloadable

Sawston Medical Centre
London Road
Cambridge CB22 3HU

0300 234 5555
option 2

Linton Health Centre
Coles Lane
Cambridge CB21 4JS

0300 234 5555
option 3

Barley Surgery
High Street, Barley
Hertfordshire SG8 8HY

0300 234 5555
option 4

Market Hill Surgery
Market Hill
Hertfordshire SG8 9JN

0300 234 5555
option 5

Shelford Health Centre
Ashen Green
Great Shelford
Cambridge CB22 5FY

0300 234 5555
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